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You're not alone!

Women's circles in the Tannheimer Valley

Women's circles have an ancient tradition. For thousands of years, women have been coming together, listening, exchanging ideas, being there for each other, supporting each other, celebrating, laughing and crying with each other. 

The women’s circle has always served as a safe space for women,

by simply being allowed to be themselves,

without having to take on a role. 

Frauenkreis Saskia.jpeg
Frauenkreis Saskia.jpeg

Aho - in the women's circle everyone is equal

There is enough space for your voice to be heard. 

Womb healing:The womb space is a sacred space that has the potential to give rise to life. It is the place of our greatest strength, but also where the greatest injuries are stored. These injuries arise from various events in our lives, such as traumatic birth experiences, emotional injuries, negative sexual experiences, and much more. ..

When we become aware of this and begin to eliminate blocking energies,

space becomes available for our true strength. 

Frauenkreis Saskia 2.jpeg

Large women's circle at Haldensee -
Cocoa ceremony in summer 2024

A large women's circle is planned at Haldensee with my dear colleague Saskia Shankari. Saskia traveled through South America for a long time and learned about healing ceremonies and the power of cocoa. She will pass this knowledge and spirit on to us at a large women's circle at the lake. The date is still being planned. Please let me know if you are interested.

Frauenkreis Saskia 2.jpeg
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