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Seaside Lodges
and suites

close to home and yet open to the world

Chalets and holiday apartments

in the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol


Good day!

The idea

Seaside (English) = sea side, sea coast, sea, sea coast, coast, beach, coastal area

Lodge (English) = accommodation for mountain sports or nature experiences, hut, house, refuge

Suite (French) = a series of exclusively furnished rooms that form a residential unit

Because the Haldensee

is simply “sea” for us!

Mädchen, das Lamm hält

 Favorite place, refuge, retreat, 
Power place in the Tannheimer Valley in Tyrol.

A hideaway in Tyrol
where you can enjoy both fine luxury and...

Tyrolean cosiness.

At the lake. On the mountain.
Central yet remote.

Your retreat:
Ecologically created from clay,
Reclaimed wood, wool and stones.
Equipped with electricity and heat supply
from sustainable energy sources.

The Lodges:
Barrier-free and homely.
Tasteful and natural.
For 5 people each.

The suites:
Spacious and cozy.
Bright and modern.
For 4 people each.

​​Can do anything, don't have to do anything.
Just be in the here and now.
No ifs and buts.

Feel good from the firstHolidayminute.
In 2022 we were forthe desired one
Tyrol Tourisma Award
nominated for our holistic concept

Our home town.
Your home, if you like!

We look forward to seeing you!

Braitos seaside lodges mit schafen_edited.jpg
Schaffelbad 1.jpg
Braitos seaside lodges mit schafen.jpg


Seaside Lodges and Suites

Oberdorf 11

6673 gren

TEL: 0043-676-5337727


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Braito's Seaside Lodges and Suites

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