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Opposite Käthe's and Felixe's Lodge

located in the main house,

is our Yoga and Ayurvedic practice.

In 2022 we were nominated in Innsbruck

for the coveted

"Tirol Touristic Award"

for our overall concept:

* Holidays for families with healthy, sick

and limited family members.


The human being with his individual "doshas" is considered holistically.

According to Ayurvedic teachings, illness arises,

when the individual doshas are no longer in balance.

On the basis of tongue and pulse diagnosis, the imbalance

of the doshas. 

With the help of massages, dietary recommendations and herbs

a balance should be brought back into the body.

- Ayurvedic consultation:

60 min., 75 Euro

- Abhyanga,

the pearl of Ayurvedic massages

(full body massage with herbal oils,

has a harmonizing, purifying, calming effect, regulates all three doshas)

90 min., 98 Euro

- Shiroabhyanga

(head-face-shoulder-neck massage,

has a stress-relieving and sleep-inducing effect, Vata and Pitta lower)

50 min., 69 Euro

- Padabhyanga

(foot and leg massage,

has a stress-relieving and sleep-promoting effect, loosens the leg muscles,

for heavy legs and water retention, vata and pitta-lowering)

50 min., 69 Euro

- Prishtabhyanga

(shoulder, neck and back massage)

50 min., 69 Euro

- Ayurvedic children's massage

30 min., 35 Euro



Of course, out-of-home guests are also welcome in our

Yoga and Ayurvedic practice welcome!

The consultations and treatments serve to achieve

of psychological and psychological balance

and do not rule out a visit to the doctor.

Sie möchten gerne einen
Massage-oder Beratungstermin?
Bitte schreiben Sie uns!

Vielen Dank!

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