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Ayurveda training

I am a naturopath with more than 20 years of Ayurvedic experience

in my own practice and in the top hotel industry.

I am happy to share my valuable knowledge and

Extensive experience

to your employees.

- Ayurvedic basic knowledge:

dosha teachings, oleology, herbalism, nutrition,

Indications, contraindications

- Ayurvedic treatments:

Abhyanga, Shiroabhyanga, Mukabhyanga,

Padabhyanga, Prishtabhyanga, Garshan,

Pinda Sweda, Upanahasveda

- Sales training and quotation preparation 

I would be happy to make you an offer for

an Ayurvedic training course in your home.


Körperliche Heilung
Kräuter und Mineralien
Gemüse in Papiertüten
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